GOD Sealine – Deck Only


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GOD Sealine

GOD Sealine is a collaboration between G.O.D. – Good Old Dog and SwellTech we present to you the Sealine SwellTech board. Designed by Vasco Costa, this board is part of a 3 board limited edition that we launch exclusively online at surfskate.pt and godsurfskate.com

The board design is inspired in those sunsets, where there is no one else in the water, the sun is going down, and you fill like being in paradise. The colors, raw wood background make it a very trendy, surf like design

How cool will you look with this board?

Vasco Costa is a young and inspiring Illustrator and Graphic Designer that transports this two art forms to the streets, without considering itself a Street Artist.

For this project, we handed a clean board to Vasco, like a clean Canvas, where he could be as creative as he wanted. He came up with 3 designs, the Hawaiian Flower, the Sealine and the Surf Street.


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