GOD Surf Street – Deck Only


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GOD Surf Street

GOD Surf Street is a collaboration between G.O.D. – Good Old Dog and SwellTech we present to you theSurf Street SwellTech board. Designed by Vasco Costa, this board is part of a 3 board limited edition that we launch exclusively online at surfskate.pt and godsurfskate.com

The board design is inspired in those surf elements, that somehow are part of our lives, fins, waves, a dog, the moon and the sun, with other street elements. With colorful graphics, this board promises to be a crowd favorite.

Looks great, and rides great, can you resist it?

Vasco Costa is a young and inspiring Illustrator and Graphic Designer that transports this two art forms to the streets, without considering itself a Street Artist.

For this project, we handed a clean board to Vasco, like a clean Canvas, where he could be as creative as he wanted. He came up with 3 designs, the Hawaiian Flower, the Sealine and the Surf Street.


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